In a little over a month I will be heading out to New York, beginning the next stage of my life as a graduate student pursuing a degree in public health. The first thing everyone asks me now is how I feel about the big move and how I’ll be able to adjust from living in a small Wisconsin town to the fast-paced lifestyle of New York City. Well, where do I begin? While I am excited at the prospect of living in a city where I’ll have access to the most amazing activities and experiences (Yoga in Central Park anyone?) I am undoubtedly a little intimidated as well. This whole big move is still a bit surreal to me, so when I actually pause for a moment and consider the question, I guess I would say that more than anything I feel lucky to be able to have this opportunity in my life.

Me in NYC 2010!

Fortunately, I already know a few people out on the East Coast. That’s right, I’ve already got a support system in the works. The roommate I found, for example, is a man I’ve heard has outstanding character and is well on his way to changing this world. Oh yeah, my roommate just happens to be my older brother. This will seriously be the best experience ever.

Slumber party anyone? I think yes.

I’m sure my summer will fly by and I’ll be packing my bags before I know it. But until then, I will be spending my time living the high life in Green Bay. Reading as much as I can, cooking, baking and experimenting with every vegetarian recipe imaginable, becoming engrossed in The West Wing series on DVD (how did I not know how amazing this show was until now!?), and of course taking long luxurious walks among the streets of GB, basking in the gloriousness of free Vitamin D.

Eat pears often,



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