Smoothie Central

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was a good one. I had a fantastic weekend because 1. my brother came to town for a visit, 2. I went to the farmer’s market with my mom and stocked up on some amazing food, and 3. my sister and I went swimming and enjoyed the sweet summer sun.

Besides just having a relaxing weekend home with the family, I also was cooking away! I know, surprise, surprise. I ended up making lots of smoothies. Has it been 100 degrees for the past week for anyone else? If so, smoothies are a perfect and refreshing snack to combat the heat.

Chocolate chip Kahlua milkshake anyone?

How about a Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal breakfast smoothie? Yes please.

I made these grilled goat cheese, swiss chard, blackberry jam and nectarine sandwiches for my sister and I. Glorious.

And for lunch on Saturday I made pizza. A sweet potato, date, swiss chard, and zucchini version, and a roasted bell pepper, kale, onion, and cilantro pizza with peanut sauce. I made this second pizza on garlic naan bread. Heaven!

Lastly, for breakfast this morning I had bran flake cereal with blueberries, vanilla almond milk and some peanut butter.

Our dog Sophie thought it looked pretty good too!

Peanut butter makes the world go round,



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