Peanuuuuuut, Peanut butter, and jelly and jelly

I was beyond excited when I arrived at my new apartment and already had a package waiting for me. No, it wasn’t a surprise package or anything, I was thrilled because I knew exactly what it contained. Nut butter. And not just any nut butter, it was a variety pack of Wild Squirrel Nut Butters!

I have been dying to try these nut butters ever since I heard about them through other food blogs almost a year ago. These puppies are made on the West Coast by two college girls who started their own all natural nut butter company. So cool! And recently I found a great deal online that allowed me to get a variety pack shipped and delivered to me at a very reasonable price. I cannot wait to crack open all of these flavors. Peanut and almond butter galore.

This morning I decided to try the Honey Pretzel Peanut Butter on my toast. It was absolutely scrumptious. Sweet, but not too sweet. With the perfect creamy texture and a surprise pretzel crunch every few bites!

It paired perfectly with my fig preserves piece of toast and ripe banana! I was one happy camper this morning.

And apparently my breakfast was too!

Coconuts and pineapples to you all,



2 thoughts on “Peanuuuuuut, Peanut butter, and jelly and jelly

  1. hlrankin says:

    Yummmmmy! Very jealous of the all those nut butters…you’ll have to report on the vanilla espresso when you get to it, looks delicious.

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