Eating Food, Hanging with People

Well I had a wonderful week. Thank you to everyone for helping make my birthday so special! From amazing and thoughtful cards and gifts,

to unbelievably delicious food,

and wonderful company!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

On my birthday we ordered Mediterranean food from a place nearby, best falafel sandwich ever! Then a few days later some of my friends from school and I celebrated at an outstanding Italian Bakery. Just look at all these cakes!

And to put this into perspective a little bit, this was like one of five huge display cases at the bakery. Unbelieveable.

Then finally last night we went out to dinner in the city to celebrate. I ordered Bi-Bim Bap (pictured above) and it was out of this world. Essentially, it was a coconut rice bowl with seitan, avocado, chickpeas, green and black seaweed, spinach, mango salsa and kimchee. All the food that we ordered was amazing.

I got all crazy and ordered a sake mojito instead of just water like I normally do. And boy was I glad I did. Delicious!

My Bi-Bim Bap dish started with a bowl of pumpkin soup. Need I say more?

We finished our meal with Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake and a Peanut Butter Bomb.

Oh. My. Word. The most heavenly moist and dense chocolate cake filled with the lightest and fluffiest creamy peanut butter mousse. Phenomenal.

We ended the night walking around the city a bit and ended up going through campus. Washington Square Park is so beautiful at night.

A lovely way to end a wonderful week.

With Mango,



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