Snow Scones and Cup-nies

Yes, that’s right, snow scones. Gloriously moist, fabulously flavored, all around scrumptious scones photographed in the snow!

034It all started with a handcrafted, all natural mix by Wildtree. What a wonderful Christmas gift!

IMG_1649You could add whatever mix-ins to the plain scone batter that your heart desired, so I chose to make three kinds: Coconut Ginger, Dark Chocolate Cherry, and Pumpkin spice.


Coconut Ginger. Sweet coconut with just a hint of spice! My fave!


Dark Chocolate Cherry. The perfect afternoon snack!


And Pumpkin Spice. A little cinnamon, all spice, cloves and pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top! Next time I am excited to try making scones from scratch. Then I can post a full recipe!

I guess I’ve been in a baking mood lately, so for my sister’s 18th birthday I made her individual sized red velvet “brownies.” I say “brownies” because they were supposed to be cupcakes but they didn’t rise, and ended up more dense than a cupcake. However, they were still moist with great flavor, so individualized “brownies” they became! Maybe I should call them cup-nies (cupcake-brownies) instead…


Bake on,



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