What I Ate Wednesday

Here’s to WIAW number 3! And to Jenn for hosting us all again! I have to say I am starting to love Wednesdays now that I can see what all the other food bloggers are eating in their lives too. I’m getting inspired by all their recipes!


On Tuesday morning, I had a wonderful breakfast of plain greek yogurt with chia seeds, blueberries and my mom’s homemade granola. And a half a multi-grain english muffin with peanut butter and a clementine. So refreshing!


This yogurt parfait hit the spot. The blueberries sweetened it up and the granola gave it a nice crunch!


For lunch I had a hummus sandwich with lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.


And a side of BBQ baked beans with kale (doesn’t look the most appetizing but it tastes amazing!) and more clementines.


For an afternoon snack I packed a pretzel, dark chocolate chip, raisin combo. Salty, sweet perfection.


Dinner was a new recipe! I’ll share it soon! It was Basil Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Delight (name courtesy of my bro), served over Coconut Curry Brown Rice. Success.


And on the side I had an apple with some peanut butter.


Dessert. Oh how I love dessert. I decided to go with a little blueberry cinnamon flax cereal and almond milk. Topped with some extra special dark chocolate Ghiradelli chips. Perfect way to end the night.

Long live clementines,



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