What I Ate Wednesday!

I survived midterms! Hallelujah. It’s been a long couple of weeks but I put in the effort, did the best I could, and now have a glorious week of Spring Break ahead of me. I hope all of you had wonderful Wednesdays this week and are enjoying everyone’s WIAW posts over at Peas and Crayons!

This week’s eats come from Tuesday, which started out with a breakfast of peanut butter toast and a passion fruit greek yogurt, blueberry, and chia seed parfait. It was delicious. But I can’t say I didn’t miss my usual banana!

IMG_3085Midmorning snacks was a handful of zals.

IMG_3088Lunch at work was a similar version of  last week’s Mediterranean Pasta Salad atop a bed of spinach. This time I didn’t use kalamata olives and added in white balsamic capers instead. I also added in some kale. This dish definitely fits with the Go Green theme of this month’s WIAW. With the kale, spinach, capers and artichokes I think I have got plenty of green veggies covered in this dish :)


On the side I had a whole wheat tortilla, an apple and a carrot.



A lovely sweet and salty snack of pretzels and dark chocolate chips.


And dinner was a quick sandwich I picked up on the way home from class. It was a veggie sandwich, and probably one of the best and most filling I’ve ever had! It was chock full of spinach, pickles, carrots, tomatoes, avocados, cabbage and cucumbers and a delicious honey mustard sauce. Hit the spot!

IMG_3106As I finished up calculating morbidity and mortality rates in preparation for my epidemiology midterm, I ate this wonderful dessert. Trader Joe’s O’s, almond milk, sunflower butter and dark chocolate chips. Yes.





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