What I Ate Wednesday #11

Hope you all have a glorious WIAW! Yesterday was filled with scrumptious eats and treats! And considering this is the last week of the Going Green edition of WIAW for March, I thought I’d go all out. Breakfast was the only meal that didn’t have any greens in sight, but lunch and dinner were packed with tasty powerhouses like spinach, kale, basil and capers.

As I studied for my last midterm I enjoyed a fabulously sweet and comforting bowl of peanut butter and jelly banana flax oats.

IMG_3420 It was a simple combo of 1/2 a cup of instant oats, a very ripe banana (sliced), 1 tbsp of flax seed, about 3/4 a cup of water and peanut butter and golden plum preserves drizzled on top.

Today I took the pictures of my lunch before I left for work, so since I had prepped and photographed my food already I could eat it immediately when I got to work. It was a good decision. I was starving!


I made a salad of mixed greens (go greens!), capers (great color!), sweet potato, almond pulp, balsamic vinegar, some chopped pecans and hummus. Great flavors in this salad.


Here you can see the pecans and hummus, and the apple I had on the side! I also ate a whole wheat english muffin, but forgot to capture that in the pictures.

After work I headed to my biostatistics midterm, which I think went pretty well, and then made dinner at home. I love making dinner. It is such a nice way to relax!


Here was the dynamic duo of the evening!


This was my fun serving dish of Macaroni with Basil and Ricotta and Crunchy Pecan Topping. So delicious! I’ll post the recipe soon.


And along with my pasta I made a green smoothie. So perfect. This was made of two handfuls of a spinach and kale mix, 1 frozen banana (sliced), 1/2 a cup of vanilla soy milk, and 1/4 a cup of plain greek yogurt.


Check out how bright and beautiful the green color is. Love it.

After I had finished dinner my brother got home from work, and he brought in with him a surprise package..which we opened up and found this card inside.


Along with the card we received an amazing spread of chocolate! Tonight we decided to try the Gingerbread Toffee Bar and oh my goodness was it ever delicious.


A few pieces of this dark chocolate was a great way to end the night. That and watching an episode of The West Wing with my brother!


Thanks to Jenn for hosting!




10 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #11

  1. Melissa says:

    I LOVE the West Wing! No one I know has really watched it. That chocolate looks amazing – I’ve seen their Bacon chocolate bar, but I haven’t had the nerve to try it yet.

    • dindu1989 says:

      West Wing is amazing! So glad you love it too :) People are definitely missing out by not watching. And as far as the chocolate goes, I tried another bar last night: Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar…sounds a little crazy but it was heavenly. I’d say go for the bacon chocolate bar!

    • dindu1989 says:

      Thank you! Now I’ve got to keep up on the green theme as much as I can even though it’s not going to be ‘going green’ month anymore! Chocolate bars all the way :)

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