1 Year Blogiversary from Italy!

Hello from Italy!

I had hoped to blog more regularly in order to keep you all up to date with my travels and the fabulous food I’ve been eating, but every minute of my day has been scheduled to the max with the course I am taking. I have spent the past few weeks studying Italian cuisine and the Mediterranean diet and it has been an experience of a lifetime! I cannot wait to share everything with you all!

On another note, one year ago today I created this blog! Initially I had the intention of writing about my life as a grad student, but over the year the blog evolved into mainly a food blog where I share vegetarian recipes from all of the the dishes I have made. There is nothing I’d rather do than spend time in the kitchen cooking, baking, and creating healthy and delicious meals for family and friends. Although I still don’t have a recipe to share with you today, I’ll leave you with a recap of my first food-centered week in Italy.

Here I am with Alyce, on the plane and ready for take-off!


Best plane snack ever. A butter brezel! Basically a doughy pretzel roll with a slab of butter. Surprisingly delicious!

image-1The most amazing view of the Swiss Alps from my airplane window.

image-2And this was my home for the past few weeks in Florence. Villa la Pietra!

image-3This is the little kitty that’s always roaming around on campus. So adorable.

imageHanging at the villa.

image-1Enjoying my first dinner out in Florence. Lots of bread, pasta and wine!

image-2The Duomo. The city of Florence is about a 40 minute walk from campus, and I loved walking there and back almost every day. Especially when this is what you see when you get into the center of the city!


My first cappuccino. Taste!

imageFirst breakfast on campus. Oatmeal, granola, and peanut butter. An apricot croissant and an orange!

image-1A lovely lunch on campus. The meals here have been very good for campus food. And there are always vegetarian options! This was a salad with chickpeas, tomatoes, bell peppers and balsamic vinegar, some bread and more balsamic, asparagus and some pasta with mushrooms.


I have enjoyed a million different gelato flavors while I have been here, and gelato may just be my favorite desert ever. I’ve never had gelato like the kind that they have here in Italy! It is creamy, rich, full of flavor yet does not feel heavy at all. This was watermelon and it tasted like you were eating fresh, juicy watermelon. Unbelievable!


One day we visited a sheep farm and the family there made us homemade ravioli with their freshly made cheese and swiss chard. Heaven!


I also found a pear and pecorino cheese risotto dish for lunch one day. This was absolutely divine and I cannot wait to try making my own version once I am home! Pears!


This breakfast roll was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever had. It was a doughy bun sprinkled with raisins and rosemary. An interesting combination I’ve never used but it was insanely good. This trip is giving me so many ideas and I cannot wait to be back in the kitchen!


And lastly I’ll leave you with another gelato combination that was phenomenal. Dark chocolate and pistachio. Oh. My. Word.


I’ll be wrapping up my travels soon and will be posting installments soon about week two and three of my stay in Italy!




One thought on “1 Year Blogiversary from Italy!

  1. Robert Allen says:

    Great update Dinster! It was so good to chat yesterday…nice pic’s and I’m going to want some of your foodie recipes this summer! Enjoy to travels this upcoming week. Love, Dad

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