Italy Weeks 2 and 3!

Hey all! I am back in the states! My trip was absolutely fabulous, but after a month away I am very glad to be home. I have eaten an abundance of amazing food this past month in Italy, France, and England, but I have missed cooking so much. I cannot wait to get back in the kitchen!

But before I share some new recipes with you here’s a look into all things food I enjoyed in Italy.


Fava and white bean spreads on bread, and fried elderberry flowers. Delish!


Olive oil cake and homemade strawberry gelato. This was hands down one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. It was made with fresh oranges and was perfectly dense and moist. I am going to make this cake this summer!


Apricot croissant. Sweet, flaky loveliness.


Picnic goodies! Bread, cheese, tomatoes, artichokes, cherries, strawberries, and more!


Wild berry and caramelized fig gelato. Heaven!




Pizza! Yum!


Rooftop picnic and veggie goodness.


Watermelon sorbet with cacao nibs and mint. Unbelievable.


Fresh cherries right off of the tree!


And cheese. A never-ending amount of glorious cheese.

Honey and cheese are a delightful pair,


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