What I Ate Wednesday #23

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. Such a wonderful day! In the food blogosphere, Wednesdays often lend themselves to a peek into the typical daily eats of food bloggers from across the globe. An amazing, fun, inspiring and delicious concept! Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting this WIAW party!

As for my post today, this represents my eats from yesterday. After sleeping in until 9:00 (which is very late for me), and then catching up with emails and phone calls for an hour, I didn’t actually eat breakfast until 10:00. Crazy. By that point I didn’t want to eat a big meal and throw off my eating schedule for the rest of the day, so I decided to go with a Bananas Foster Uber Larabar.


It was pretty good, I liked the flavor which was a blend of sweet banana and a hint of nuttiness. But the ultra-sticky texture made it a bit hard to eat.


Loved the ingredient list though!


For lunch I made a big farmer’s market salad! I used the lettuce, tomato and cucumber I bought at the market a few days ago, and then drizzled some pomegranate balsamic vinegar on top. Heaven! Around the plate were pieces of kalamata olive loaf bread that I also bought at the market, and some of the pieces I spread a little sun-dried tomato hummus on. Taste! I had a couple more slices of the bread after that plate, it was just that good.


The balsamic vinegar I brought back with me from Wisconsin, so glad I did!


Then I also had a glorious nectarine on the side. Nectarines are definitely my favorite fruit. Of all time!


As I waited for the repair man to come fix our dishwasher that afternoon I made myself a glass of tea. I am not a huge tea drinker, I love chai, but that’s about it. I really want to love tea, there are so many varieties that I don’t want to just dismiss the whole tea category, so I bought a new kind to try.


This stuff smelled amazing, and the ingredient list had so many things that I love! Cocoa, chili, ginger, cinnamon, bourbon vanilla cinnamon and cloves!


I made my tea in a mason jar. I love using mason jars for food and drink! And I thought the tea was pretty good too. Definitely better than some other flavors I’ve tried.


By mid-afternoon I became a bit hungry. I was working on preparing for my new internship (which by the time you read this post I will have officially started!), and decided to finish up my peanut butter rice crispy bar from Kavarna (my favorite vegetarian restaurant back home). These are the best, most scrumptious peanut butter bars I’ve ever had. Yum!


For dinner I went out with a lovely NJ friend, and we had the most amazing meal. It started with this delicious bread basket, full of a variety of breads.


We both ordered the Avocado Asparagus Sandwich with Halloumi Cheese, which came with a Watermelon Radish salad.


Both the sandwich and the salad were phenomenal. So fresh and full of flavor!


Afterwards we stopped on the way home for some ice cream. It was still about 90 degrees out and ice cream never sounded so good. Look at all these options!


In the end I went with the Banana Peanut Butter Chunk. Best. Decision. Ever. It was pure creamy, dreamy yumminess.

My friend and I ended the night with a much overdue Gilmore Girls marathon. We went for a season one throwback night. Ahh, the early days of Luke and Lorelai.

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!




5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #23

  1. Eating 4 Balance says:

    Holy cow all of those ice cream options are a dream! How did you just pick one?! :) I have to say that yours looks like a pretty good decision though.

    Am I the only one who secretly wanted Luke and Lorelai to be a couple in real life? Same with Rory and Logan and/or Dean… And basically every other awesome television show couple since the beginning of time. Ha.

    • dindu1989 says:

      It was a pretty tough decision since Creamy Pear and Ginger were also contenders, but in the end it had to be banana pb chunk. Three fabulous foods all together!

      I’m so glad you appreciate the Gilmore Girl references, it really is a classic. Luke and Lorelai forever :)

  2. Christine@ Apple of My Eye says:

    I love WIAW as well! All of your food looks so delicious and vibrant- especially that ice cream! It reminds me of when I was in Italy and of all the beautiful gelato they had :). I love it when you can tell what flavor something is by the toppings!

    • dindu1989 says:

      I was just in Italy earlier this summer! Gelato is absolutely amazing. I haven’t found any gelato in the states that quite live up to it, but for ice cream the place I went is wonderful!

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