What I Ate Wednesday #24

Mmmm, breakfast on Monday morning was absolutely scrumptious!

IMG_6715I finally mixed up my morning food routine a bit and thought it would be great to share for WIAW!

IMG_6712It was a glorious yogurt bowl! Featuring a new (at least for me!) Chobani flavor. Coconut!

IMG_6694I layered the yogurt on the bottom of my bowl, and then I started piling on the toppings. Oh the toppings!

IMG_6713I had banana, blueberries, Kashi’s Blackberry Hills cereal, drippy peanut butter and chia seeds.Yes please.

After I chatted with my Dad on the phone for a bit, I had some of this tea mid-morning…and I liked it! I liked tea! The mint flavor was so refreshing, and the slight sweetness was spot on.


On Mondays I am at my internship for the summer, so I had lunch sitting at my desk. It didn’t make for an exciting picture though, so since lunch ended up being the same as the day before I used the pic from the at-home version instead! I had hummus and lettuce, zucchini and cucumber stuffed pita pockets, and a juicy, juicy nectarine. Nature’s candy!

IMG_6685Afternoon/early evening snack was a ginger peach cookie, and some grapes. This was the first time all summer I bought grapes, and boy was it worth it!


For dinner I made Spicy Rice and Beans. Well, spicy for me at least. I can’t handle much heat but I am trying to build up my tolerance. These beans included diced jalapeños and a hot and spicy mango mustard.


It was quite lovely! Recipe coming soon.

And to finish off the night, while I was doing a little fun reading, I think I may have discovered one of the best desserts ever. Seriously, it was so simple, and so insanely delicious. Behold…Triple Drizzle Rice Cakes.


Dark chocolate. And peanut butter. And honey. Oh my!


Sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy. I think I’ll have five more please.

As always, enjoy your Wednesday friends!

And thanks to Jenn for hosting this WIAW fiesta.




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