Tangy Lemon Tahini Mustard Dressing

I eat salads a lot. Like, a lot a lot. However, I never buy dressing when I am at the grocery store. Basically I always use balsamic vinegar or maybe a little hummus to dress my salads.


I’m not sure why I don’t ever buy dressings, maybe it’s because a lot of the brands contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients, or I don’t want to spend a few extra dollars on something when I enjoy using ingredients I’ve already got around my house…Anyway, today I thought I’d break out of my balsamic vinegar and hummus box and make my own dressing! What I ended up creating was a Tangy Lemon Tahini Mustard Dressing, which I used on top of a fresh kale salad with tomatoes, yellow zucchini and cucumber.


The dressing was delicious! It was tart, tangy and super creamy. The tartness from the lemon, the tanginess from the mustard, and the creamy yumminess from the tahini.


Seriously, why haven’t I made homemade dressings more often!? There are endless ways to make flavorful dressings with just a handful of ingredients. I cannot wait to try out some more!

Tangy Lemon Tahini Mustard Dressing

Makes enough for one salad

1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice

1/2 tablespoon of hot and spicy mango mustard

1/2 tbsp of tahini.

To make the dressing simply whisk all ingredients together in a small bowl with a fork. Ta-da! Homemade salad dressing! Enjoy!

Happy Saturday,



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