What I Ate Wednesday #25

Week 25! Woot woot! It’s hard to believe I’ve been sharing my meals for 25 weeks now. It sure has been fun to look back at all my posts and see how much (or little) my eating patterns have varied!

And can you believe it is going to be August tomorrow? Not me. I do not know where this summer went. There are so many fun summer things I want to get done before I’m back in school! Like see a movie in the park, walk along the waterfront, picnic in Central Park, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, try a new farmer’s market, and the list goes on and on!


But for now, let’s get to the food! This past weekend I went shopping at Trader Joe’s and had a grand time. I love grocery shopping! I also ended up picking up something I haven’t had since I was back in undergrad, Trader Joe’s frozen waffles.


Oh yes. I made a glorious peanut butter banana and honey waffle stack.


Look at those layers!


And that drippy peanut butter and honey. Mmmhmm.


Lunch on the weekend consisted of a pita, veggie and hummus plate. With a grape banana, vanilla orange yogurt fruit salad on the side.


My plate was full of green and gold, my Wisconsin roots and the Green Bay Packers must have been in the back of my mind!


For snack I ended up having a chocolate brownie Zbar. I really loved these things a few years ago and thought I’d get a box since I found them on sale (score!). However, they were a bit disappointing and not quite as tasty as I remember…They were actually a little dry, maybe they were a bit old? Who knows.


For dinner I made veggie burgers. My fav! This time I made a Curry Turmeric Chickpea Burger. Delish.


And for dessert I had a slice of the banoffee pie I made the day before at a cooking class in the city.


I had a blast baking with a bunch of food-loving people and creating this banana, dulce de leche pie with espresso whipped cream. Phenomenal!


Super super sweet though, so you only need a sliver of pie at a time. I didn’t even eat this whole piece, I just wanted to make sure to get a good picture of it!


Have a wonderful, wonderful Wednesday!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

And of course, Happy Birthday Harry Potter!



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