This post, inspired by the wonderful Kath over at Kath Eats Real Food, shows a bit of what’s been going on in my life lately. Mostly food related, but some other fun things are included as well!


This book, a 1943 edition of the famous The Joy of Cooking, was my Great Grandmother’s. When I was back home earlier this summer my Grandpa gave it to me thinking I’d like to have it since he knows how much I love to cook. And boy was he right! I have absolutely loved looking through this book at all of the recipes, and seeing how much things have change since the 1940’s.


One of my favorite parts, I must say, is all of my Great Grandmother’s recipes and notes that she’s written into the cover and the margins of the book. Like the recipe for homemade cough syrup below. Amazing! Thank you so much for passing down this book to me Grandpa, I’ll treasure it forever.


Some recent purchases I’ve been loving are this kumquat marmalade and green cardamom pods. I am looking forward to adding the cardamom to many types of dishes ever since I tried them out in my delicious overnight oats.  And the other day I had the marmalade on a piece of toast, lovely!


I also had my first blended overnight oats of the summer. Blended overnight oats are essentially preparing normal overnight oats, but then blending them in the morning so you have a cross between cold oats and a smoothie. It was a delicious banana nectarine combo with fresh blueberries and coconut added as toppings in the morning. Loved it in my Buddha bowl!


Another awesome score from back home earlier this summer was this Fiesta dinnerware tea cup and saucer set that I found in an Antique shop. It is the cutest, pale pink color, and I am going to have lots of fun drinking and taking pictures with it for the blog.


This was me enjoying a nectarine in the park. It’s so nice to be outside! I wish I were able to be outside here as much as I was back home. I love the great outdoors!


And this was a falafel pita sandwich and water for dinner on the porch one evening. Again, love being outside!


On another note, I bought two dresses from The Loft recently. They had a major sale and their dresses were just $20 dollars. I love The Loft! So I bought this dress in a bright pink, and the same one in navy blue. Both are perfect for work.


As I was walking home from my internship earlier this week I came across a bakery I had recently heard about. So of course I had to go in! I got the Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake, a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate pudding filling. The cupcake itself was nothing special, but I really enjoyed the pudding filling.



And lastly, another recent treat was this tasty mint chocolate chip gelato. I could barely eat it fast enough before it started melting everywhere. This picture was taken very very quickly. Probably 3/4 of the gelato ended up in my stomach, the other 1/4 all over my hands!


Go antiquing,



2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Vegan Flavorista says:

    Looks like fun! I love the old family cookbooks. I have the same, handed down from my great grandma and my grandma. Such a treasure. And the handwriting–in pencil! I love how they would date the recipes and credit the source, like “Aunt Annie’s Wilted Lettuce Salad, Clarksburg, WV 1945. They were writing history. And so are we :-) Thanks for sharing.

    • dindu1989 says:

      It really is a treasure! We are both lucky to have a little part of cooking history passed down to us. I love the parts written in pencil too, especially in cursive. You don’t see that much anymore! And it’s fun to know that our blogs will be our version of cookbooks to pass along in the future. Thanks for stopping by :)

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