What is Smorgasburg, you may ask? Good question. Up until this past week I didn’t know myself. But thankfully I was recently enlightened from the blogging community that Smorgasburg is the most unique and amazing food flea market around!


It’s open on Saturdays and Sundays, and this past weekend I visited with a friend. It was a foodie’s heaven. There had to be at least 50 vendors (maybe more!), and most of which I would have tried something from if I had an infinite amount of time, money, and stomach space.


The first vendor we saw as we entered was Dough, look at these donuts! I don’t know if you can see the labels but there were flavors like Hibiscus, Dulce de Leche and Lemon Poppy.


Pie, pie, and more pie. Is that a pie milkshake I see!?


Adorable little fruit crisps from Pecan Patti.


A mac and cheese bar? Say what?


Vegan ice cream by Alchemy Creamery is made with a combination of coconut, hazlenut and almond milk.


I sampled the chocolate chai flavor, pretty good!


When we were approaching one tent near the end of the market, we saw an unbelievably long line and camera crews filming people that just bought their food…wonder what this place could be? It was a place called Ramen Burger. Instead of using buns they use a nest of fried ramen noodles. Looks so cool!


Lots of vegetarian and vegan options available at this market. Sweet!


Mmmmm, s’mores.


Mango Lassi pops. Tried a sample. Beautiful.


It was nearly impossible to decide on what to get for lunch, but in the end we went with Ethiopian food!




I chose the “choose 4” option and got Roasted sunflower milk, tomatoes and peppers mixed with crumbled injera, Sautéed beets, carrots and tomatoes, Steamed kale with carrots, red onion, ginger, garlic and herbs and Yellow split peas cooked with red onion, ginger, garlic, herbs and a touch of yellow curry. It was all fantastic. So much spice and flavor!


And for dessert I had my eye on this place since walking into the market. The Good Batch.


Homemade ice cream sandwiches. Need I say more? Just look at these flavors.


I went with the oat chocolate chunk cookie with sea salt, drizzled fudge and vanilla ice cream. Sweet and salty takes the gold!


We had such a fun time!

In other news, I recently entered a freestyle cooking photography contest, and if you would be so kind to vote for the Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale Pizza with a Thai Curry Sauce I entered I would love you forever! Click the link above to take you to the page where voting occurs. Each IP address gets 5 votes per day, so if you ever find yourself with lots of time on your hands please vote, vote, vote! Voting ends August 30th.

Thanks so much!

Make your Monday count,



3 thoughts on “Smorgasburg!

  1. Little Miss Fit says:

    Oh my gosh this literally looks like the NEATEST thing ever! I would love to go to something like this! Looks like you had a wonderful time and got to try some really tasty things! :)

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