What I Ate Wednesday # 30

Happy Wednesday everyone! And happy first week back to school for most! Today is my first day of classes (and my last first day of school ever, whoa) and I have to say I am pretty excited about this semester. I’ve got four classes (lots of food and nutrition courses!) and a new job! This post is my last summer edition of WIAW, so sad, but then again I am ready for fall. I hear pumpkin calling my name :)


On Monday I got to use my new bowl from Target (which I absolutely adore and bought for only $2.50)!


This bowl was a glorious ripened banana chia seed base with peanut butter and coconut cardamom coffee cake crumbles topping. One of the best bowls I’ve had in awhile!


My mid-morning snack was a handful of pistachios and dried apricots. I’m loving the dried fruit/nut combo lately.


Lunch was a nice plate of veggies and hummus and an avocado, arugula and blackberry jam sandwich. Heaven!


After lunch my Mom, brother and I headed to my sister’s dorm (we moved her in on Sunday!) and there I had a tasty chocolate chip cookie.


Before we headed back to my apartment we stopped at the bookstore and I scored this awesome sweatshirt! It is cozy as can be.


Back at  our apartment the wine and beer came out, I settled on orange juice instead.


Dinner was a slice of margherita and a slice of veggie pizza. Pretty darn good!


Make sure to check out the origin of this WIAW party over at Peas and Crayons!




2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday # 30

    • dindu1989 says:

      Happy belated Wednesday to you too! This week has flown by for me too and now Wednesday seems like ages ago! I was so happy to find such an inexpensive, fun and colorful patterned bowl :)

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