What I Ate Wednesday #34

It’s Wednesday again my friends, so you know what that means! Time for another WIAW installment. And this week is going to be a special birthday edition. My birthday was last week, so I am going to share with you my eats and treats from that day!


I started my day with pumpkin pancakes. I have an open can of pumpkin so I’ve got to use it up! These beauties were thick and filling, yet light and fluffy at the same time. Topped with a little almond butter, some dried cranberries and coconut. I know it looks like a ton of almond butter, but it’s only 1-2 tbsp. It was a perfectly drippy consistency! Wonderful way to start the day! And a banana on the side of course.


Also note the awesome pumpkin plate I recently bought for $1.25. Can you say score!?


My brother kindly brought me a soy chai from his Starbucks run. Hit the spot.


And for lunch I had leftover burritos. So tasty! This was a sweet potato, black bean, corn, and curry ginger spiced brown rice burrito. Topped with pickles, and either salsa or tahini for sauce.


For dinner my brother and I went to Sacred Chow, a vegan organic kosher restaurant in the city.


I ordered an Apple Lemonade Champagne, made with fresh pressed apple juice, beet juice, lemon juice and sparkling wine. It was good, but a tad too earthy for me.



My dinner was a brown basmati rice and collard greens bowl with a side of sunflower lentil paté and veggies. Yum!


And for dessert (not on my actual birthday but at a celebration last weekend), my friend brought these delicious mini cupcakes for us to share! I tried a number of them but I think the triple chocolate fudge was my favorite.

Thanks to all those who celebrated with me!

And to see the WIAW celebration head on over to Jenn’s page!




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