What I Ate Wednesday #36

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start, and you’ve spent it with people you care about. This past weekend I was able to spend time with my Dad’s side of the family, I wish I was able to see them more often! And for this WIAW edition I decided to document the food I ate on my day of travel. Enjoy.


The morning started off with a typical breakfast. Oats. Banana chia oats with a few dollops of pumpkin greek yogurt, dried cranberries and coconut shavings. Yum!


Then mid-morning I had two of these crackers. Only two because they were pretty dry and tasteless, wouldn’t buy these again.


Lunch was delicious though! I had a tempeh burrito and a side of fruit. Initially I was going to eat this white nectarine for lunch, but then I thought that would be a great plane snack and packed for the trip instead.


I ended up defrosting a bit of mango for my lunch to replace the nectarine!


This was my raisin pistachio airport snack.


And so was a piece of this cinnamon popcorn from my sister, it tastes like red hot candies!


On the plane I ate some cracker and cheese bites from Trader Joe’s. Reminded me of the Ritz crackers we ate growing up!


Dinner in the airport on our second leg of the trip was an almond butter sandwich and the nectarine from earlier. And some unpictured grapes, cheddar cheese and a handful of trail mix.


My Dad picked my siblings and I up from the airport and in the car I snacked on my last vegan dark chocolate almond coconut cookies with sea salt, so tasty! It was pitch black by that time in the evening, so blurry picture in the moving vehicle it was.


Not long after the cookie I spotted a sign for Wendy’s at the nearest exit. It made me think of Frosty’s and the fact that I haven’t had one in years! We were also down south at that point (nearing our final trip destination) and it was pretty warm out…So I had my sister request a pit stop! The frosty was just as glorious as I remembered. Light, fluffy, almost frothy chocolate heaven.

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4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #36

    • dindu1989 says:

      I actually bought this mango already frozen, but the date on the bag is about a year out. I’m sure you could cut up fresh mango on your own and freeze it the same way!

    • dindu1989 says:

      Thanks!! I make veggie burritos a lot around here, usually with some type of bean/rice/sweet potato combination. Those are always delicious but adding the tempeh gave this batch a nice nutty flavor and great texture!

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