What I Ate Wednesday #37

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your day so far. Wednesdays really are the greatest, especially since they are filled with so much amazing food! Today I’m giving a recap on what I ate this past Monday, a day with my internship and night classes so you’ll see how I packed and prepped ahead of time for both!


I started my morning with a bowl of bran flakes cereal, added in a chopped banana, chia seeds, my mom’s homemade raisins and some peanut butter. I used coconut milk this time, it was good!


Then I had a 10:00 am chip and salsa snack before leaving for my internship. It was a weird but delicious morning craving.


Packed for lunch was this insanely sweet and crunchy honeycrisp apple. I bought a bag of honeycrisps from Trader Joe’s for only $3.00, and considering the fact that honey crisps are usually like $3.00 a piece I didn’t have high hopes for the quality of these apples…I was so surprised and happy when I took my first bite!


Along with my apple I ate some of my Maple Baked Bean Cornbread Casserole leftovers. Which were just as good as leftovers as they were on the first night!


Mid-afternoon snack was a few dried apricots and some pistachios. Look how beautiful those apricots are!


For dinner in between my internship and class I had this sandwich. One of the simplest, yet tastiest sandwiches I’ve had in awhile! It was an arugula, sharp white Wisconsin cheddar and mango ginger chutney sandwich. I’ll definitely be making this again! I also had a handful of grape tomatoes on the side, no pic though.


When I got back from class late that night I had a small package on my desk. Turns out my best friend sent me some chocolate! So for dessert I obviously had to have some. Andes mints=blast from the past! These were a freshman year staple!


She also sent this bar, which was phenomenal! I love granola and I love dark chocolate, so this turned out to be a match made in heaven!

Have a lovely day! And pop on over to Jenn’s page and check in to see where this party started!




4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #37

    • dindu1989 says:

      Yes, they’re unbelievable! My mom has a dehydrator and makes them in there. I’m all about the honeycrisps, now I’ve got to think of something fun to bake with them :)

  1. jeri says:

    If you love Honeycrisps, keep an eye out for Gingercrisps. They’re juicy and crispy and sweet and delicious…and I’d never heard of them until a few days ago. They’re local to me (NY) and only $.69/lb. And in NYC that’s practically free. They look a lot like the Honeycrisps, but yellow. They are already a favorite in our house.

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