What I Ate Wednesday #39

Another week has gone by and it is really starting to feel like winter here! Although on Saturday I sat outside in the park doing some school readings because it was almost 70 degrees and sunny, by Monday it was only in the 40’s (and yesterday wasn’t much better)! I’m not a fan of cold weather, but I am trying to embrace it because I know it means the holidays are quickly approaching! Only about 5 weeks left of the semester. Hallelujah. Now let’s get to the food!


For breakfast yesterday I had a little something different, a bowl of cereal. This bowl was made with Trader Joe’s Honey O’s, a banana, my Mom’s homemade granola, dried cranberries, chia seeds and peanut butter. And I used homemade almond milk as well! I was worried I would be hungry in about two hours since cereal doesn’t usually fill me up all that well, but I think the hearty granola and peanut butter helped keep me full.


For lunch at my internship I packed two maple and mustard glazed apple sweet potato rice burritos. Stuffed with pea shoots and some spicy hummus, this was one of the best lunches I’ve had in awhile! The picture is from the first night I made this dish, where I served it over a salad. And this picture is much prettier than the leftover version so I thought I’d use it instead. Recipe coming soon!


Mid-afternoon I decided to go to Starbucks to get out of my 40 degrees below zero office and warm up with a soy peppermint mocha. Yep, the holiday drinks are back.


I looked up the nutrition info for my drink and was pleasantly surprised that it only had 250 calories and 1.5 grams of  fat, but then I looked at the sugar content…40 grams of sugar! That’s roughly 10 teaspoons of sugar in a tall! It was delicious, but boy, that just seems like a cavity waiting to happen.


For dinner I had leftover pasta that my brother and I made over the weekend. It was pasta with broccoli, red bell pepper, mushrooms and kale and a tangy peanut sauce. We ended up using most of the sauce in our initial meal, so last night I added some tahini and balsamic vinegar. Another good combo!


I also had two clementines. They were teeny tiny but oh so tasty!


A little later I had one of my Vegan Pumpkin Zucchini Muffins.


And for dessert I had some ‘baked’ (aka microwaved) apples with cinnamon. Pretty much like my own single serving of apple crisp. So delicious!

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