What I Ate Wednesday #47

Happy New Year! This What I Ate Wednesday post documents the last food I ate in the year 2013! Here’s to the start of a wonderful, healthy and happy new year!


I started off my morning with a delicious piece of cranberry nut bread that my grandma made, and a banana as well.


For lunch I had an arugula salad topped with tempeh taco mixin’s, some hummus, salsa and a wrap.


An afternoon snack of mint puppy chow, heavenly!


My sister and I made a batch of classic puppy chow and a batch of mint puppy chow for our family’s holiday gathering. So tasty!


Then my brother, sister, mom and I went to our Aunt and cousins’ house to celebrate New Year’s Eve! We had a lovely spread of appetizers and I tried a plate of pretzels, pretzel dip, snap peas, green beans with peanut sauce, strawberries and peanut M&M’s.


I also had a couple of glasses of the apple cider sangria my cousin made. Yum!



Dinner was vegetarian enchiladas with mole sauce, and a big salad.


And dessert was a lusciously fudgy personalized brownie made by my Aunt! And a vegan chocolate chip cookie bar made by my mom. A delicious end to 2013!

Make sure to stop on by Jenn’s page to see were this WIAW party begins!




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