What I Ate Wednesday #48

Happy Wednesday from Wisconsin! Here is the 48th installment of WIAW, can’t believe I am almost at a year of recording my eats once a week! Enjoy.


This week’s featured eats fell on my sister’s birthday, so there was plenty of yummy food to be had! It started off with a clementine at home before taking my sister out to eat.


For breakfast we went to one of our favorite places back home, and I had a delicious bowl of oatmeal with cranberries and maple syrup and a soy chai tea latte. Yum!


Lunch was on the lighter side, since I wasn’t too hungry after having a later breakfast. But it was delicious none the less. I had two pieces of toast topped with hummus and greens.


MId afternoon I snacked on a Kashi Trail Mix bar, pretty good.


Then for dinner we had veggie burgers and homemade sweet potato fries.


Dessert was a homemade fresh lemon cake with zesty lemon frosting! It was so good! My sister and I baked the cake together, It was our first time ever making a layered cake and we were so happy with how it turned out! It was so much fun to make. I love baking!

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