What I Ate Wednesday #57

Morning! Today I’m going to share a weekend version of my eats with you all, switching it up a bit from the usual Monday eats that I feature. This past weekend my sister came to visit (yay!) and we had some good food while she was here!


I started off my day with a banana. I ate this to tide me over until we went out to breakfast.


The main meal was this delicious toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with walnut raisin cream cheese. Delish!


And here is the adorable kitty that always hangs out at the bagel shop.


I enjoyed an apple in the car on my way home from grocery shopping. Love braeburn apples!


Later that day my sister and I made a Target run and went for a walk. It was in the upper 40’s and a bright, sunny day! We walked along the water and had a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.


Lunch was leftover peanut quinoa stir fry. So tasty!


And a whole wheat bun.


I bought these uncrystallized candied gingers from Trader Joe’s for the first time and tried one after lunch. A nice balance of sweet and heat!


Dinner was a frozen veggie pizza from Trader Joe’s, it was good, but was super small in size. It fed like two people…so not exactly what my brother, sister and I were hoping for. So I supplemented my piece with some carrots and mango!


And for dessert, while watching The Office with my brother and sister, I had a little dish of coconut cranberry granola with coconut milk, and a chunk of dark Peruvian chocolate (a delicious gift from a friend!).

Make sure to stop on by Jenn’s page to see where this WIAW party started!




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