What I Ate Wednesday #58: Spring Break Edition!

This What I Ate Wednesday post documents eats from my spring break! I flew to Florida last week to surprise my Mom and Grandma and had a wonderful few days relaxing in the glorious sun. I graduate from my Master’s program in two short months, and thought I should take advantage of my last spring break as a student. So I booked a flight a few weeks ago and am so glad I did!


For breakfast one morning we made smoothies. I posted the recipe for this nutty tropical smoothie on Monday, you’ve got to try it! It’s made of almond milk, banana, mango, oats and peanut butter.


After breakfast I applied some aloe to my slightly sunburned shoulders. Have you guys ever seen an actual aloe plant? So cool!


You just cut off a piece of the aloe leaf and then slice off the green outer layer. The clear inside substance is the lovely soothing aloe gel!


Later that morning we headed for the beach, where I saw some amazing creatures like this crab!


Did a little reading on the beach as well. Great book so far.


And hydrated with some lemon sparkling water. Refreshing!


We took a break from the sun midday and had lunch. I made a delicious kale salad topped with guacamole stuffed cherry tomatoes, a little salsa and ginger sesame dressing. I lined my plate with some tortilla chips and a pickle! Yum!


Had a handful of grapes as well. Definitely one of my favorite fruits.


Once our lunch had settled my Mom and I headed to the boardwalk for some ice cream. I chose pistachio and toasted coconut. So. Good.


The winds were strong as we strolled the boardwalk, although it was 86 degrees outside my Mom and I still had goosebumps. Ha!


We enjoyed the sun some more and eventually went back inside for dinner. We had delicious mushroom and artichoke pasta.


And a fresh side salad.


Then we went for an evening walk along the beach, and I couldn’t believe all the man-of-wars we saw! They were so beautiful. Bright blue and purple and absolutely gorgeous!


The wind was still whipping across the beach and had created these beautiful ripples in the sand.


My Mom and I enjoyed the view as the sun was setting. Breathtaking.


And we ended the night with some key lime pie. I love you Florida, until next time!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting!




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