What I Ate Wednesday #60

Six weeks. Six weeks is all that is left of my career as a full-time student. And after 19 years of school, I have to say I’m getting excited! In celebration of What I Ate Wednesday, here is another (and one of the last) looks into a day of my eats as a grad student.


I haven’t had a big yogurt bowl for breakfast in awhile, so I’m glad I mixed it up with this version the other morning. This was a bowl of plain nonfat greek yogurt topped with a banana, chia seeds, coconut cranberry granola and some deliciously drippy peanut butter.


Lunch was a tasty plate of a quinoa and bean salad with salsa on top a bed of greens. Carrots, hummus, and an orange on the side!


Later for a snack I had some woven wheats wafers. They were so salty! Seriously, every type of cracker, pretzel and chip I try from Trader Joe’s is way too salty. Sad. The only crackers I’ve tried that aren’t overly salty seem to be heavily sweetened…I hope someday they will come out with a simple, plain, whole grain cracker that doesn’t require you to drink a gallon of water along with it or taste sweet enough to be a dessert. Or maybe someday I’ll learn to make my own!


Dinner wasn’t eaten at home but was photographed the previous night. It was another delicious take on the ‘big vegan bowl,’ and I’ll share the recipe shortly! It was a hefty salad with all sorts of veggies including asparagus and tomatoes, and topped with baked polenta, BBQ mustard chickpeas, avocado, hummus and fresh cilantro. Unbelievable!


I ended the night with one of my last Cardamom Ginger Almond Meal Cookies with Dark Chocolate Chips. It was a great decision.

Make sure to stop on over at Jenn’s page to see where this WIAW party begins!






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