What I Ate Wednesday #62

It’s that time again…It’s Wednesday, people! And I’ve got lots of yummy food to share!


I started off last Friday with a delicious piece of homemade banana bread. This is one of the most scrumptious banana breads I’ve had, and it is unbelievably simple to make and healthy to boot. Check back on Friday for the recipe!


Along with a slice of the b-bread I had a little dish of bran flakes, almond milk, pumpkin and raisins. Pretty good combo!


For lunch I had a spinach salad topped with red quinoa, cannellini beans, cucumber, avocado, BBQ sauce and tahini. Glorious. And a whole wheat english muffin with raspberry preserves as well!


That afternoon I ate some Baked Woven Wheats from Whole Foods. I talked about my dislike of highly salty crackers in a post the other day…and in that post I had tried essentially the same cracker as these except they were the Trader Joe’s Brand. The verdict on the Whole Foods version, still too salty to fully enjoy eating them on their own (for my taste at least). Probably good dipped in hummus or something though!


Later that evening I went out for smoothies with a friend, and although mine ended up being more of a juice than a smoothie it was still delicious! I ordered the Mint Cacao Chip smoothie which was made of coconut water, coconut milk, raw cacao nibs, coconut sugar, fresh mint and ice. Minty fresh!


That night when I returned home I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with a few pickles on the side. Classic! The cheese I used was a tomato basil yogurt cheese. You couldn’t really taste the tomato basil, but it was still a yummy sandwich.

Make sure to stop on over to Jenn’s page for the rest of the WIAW links!




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