What I Ate Wednesday #64

Three weeks from tomorrow I will be graduating from my Master’s program. How is it possible that two years have already flown by!? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Each week passes so quickly, and I’m always left wondering how it’s already time to write another WIAW post. Crazy. But here we are, at our last WIAW of April! So let’s celebrate with some delicious food!


Yesterday I started off my day with a yogurt bowl. I had some plain greek yogurt topped with a banana, some multigrain o’s cereal, chia seeds, cranberries and peanut butter. Taste!


Mid-morning I had a half a piece of bread and some raspberry jam. Forgot to snap a pic though. I just needed a little something to tide me over until lunch, which was a delicious bowl of Pesto Pea Shoot Pasta. This pasta is the perfect fresh Spring dish! Recipe to come soon!


For a snack in class I ate a Jazz apple. It was very small, but had good flavor.


I also snacked on a bran flakes, raisins and dark chocolate mix. Scrumptious.


For dinner that night in class I had leftover veggie curry with spinach and raisins. I took this picture at home beforehand and then brought it to class in tupperware. Such a yummy dish. Savory and slightly sweet!


I also brought along a whole wheat roll. I love soft, doughy rolls.


And once back home that evening I had a Molasses Chew. A crazy-good, soft and oh-so-chewy cookie from Trader Joe’s. Heaven.

That’s a wrap on my end! Make sure to stop on over to Jenn’s page to see all the other WIAW participants!





6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #64

  1. Robert Allen says:

    Syd, it’€™s always a pleasure to read your uplifting messages, positive and full of your wonderful spirit! Have a great week, love Dad

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