What I Ate Wednesday #68

This What I Ate Wednesday is a pretty exciting edition, it’s the first WIAW I’m writing as an MPH! Last week I graduated with my Master’s in Public Health Nutrition, and I am so happy to have completed my program after two intense years! The eats I’m showing today are from yesterday, where I had a great time relaxing and enjoying NYC!


I started off my morning with a yogurt bowl. Totally forgot to take a picture, so this previous yogurt bowl picture will do! The version I ate yesterday had plain greek yogurt, some cereal, chia seeds, a banana and peanut butter.


I spent some time in Bryant Park and enjoyed the lovely summer day. It was hot! And tons of people were doing yoga in the park. So cool.


I also ate my lunch while I was there. I packed my insulated lunch bag so I had some nice cold veggie pizza. I love cold pizza!


I had an apple on the side as well.


And lots of water!


After I finished eating I made my way to Central Park. It is so beautiful! I hung out and did some reading on a bench and watched a million people go by. It is so much fun sitting in parks in NYC and watching everything that goes on around you.


While I read/people watched I ate this Kind bar. It was very tasty, but too sticky and chewy for my liking.


When I got home I was pretty hungry, and ate a bowl of cereal with coconut milk and strawberries. I added a little peanut butter on top as well. Yum! Since it was about 90 degrees here yesterday and my apartment’s air conditioning wasn’t working, it felt like it was a million degrees inside. I decided to eat some frozen mango to cool me down, forgot the picture though!


I also had half of this guava filled pastry my roommate gave me. I had never had anything like it before, and it was sweet and fruity with a soft and flaky crust.


Dinner was a leftover sandwich from one of the nights my family and I went out to celebrate my graduation. It was a butternut squash and beet sandwich with some other veggies and cheese. A winner!


Also had some refreshing pineapple.


And in effort to cool down before bed I had some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  I haven’t had cookie dough ice cream in forever. It was perfect!

Make sure to stop on by Jenn’s page to see the rest of the WIAW posts!






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