What I Ate Wednesday #70

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I’m posting from Wisconsin. Yay! It’s my first full day back in my home state and I’ve got lots of good eats to share.


For breakfast this morning I had a banana.


And an english muffin with peanut butter.


My brother and I spent most of the day moving all of my belongings into my new place, but while we were doing so I took a quick break for some applesauce.


I also had some peanut butter and pretzel sandwiches.


Lunch was delicious. A fresh salad with grapes and a sandwich with baba ganoush. So good!


After my brother and I finished moving, we celebrated with a trip to Culver’s. Oh frozen custard how I’ve missed you! The flavor of the day was peanut butter cup, perfection. My brother ordered cheese curds with ranch and a chocolate shake. It was great to have a treat with some of the Wisconsin things we’ve missed!


That evening I had a glass of my Mom’s homemade mixed berry water kefir. Very tasty. It’s a drink made from water, juice, water kefir grains and sugar. It kind of reminds me of kombucha. A little tang and fizz, with just a hint of sweetness!


I also had some of her homemade crackers.


Dinner was an eggplant “ricotta cheese” stack drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The ricotta wasn’t actually cheese, but was made from macadamia nuts. It was superb! Also had some salad and a piece of radish and herb pizza.


And dessert was a delicious Bailey’s ice cream bar that my Mom made. I’m so happy to visiting home and to be able to eat all her amazing food!

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