What I Ate Wednesday #73

Happy Wednesday all! Hope you are enjoying your short week and have fun plans for the holiday weekend! I’m checking in today with my eats from Monday. Another delicious day!


Breakfast was the classic peanut butter toast and a banana.


Midmorning snack was an unpictured fruit salad. It was a mix of grapes, apples, raspberries, blueberries and an orange cardamom yogurt sauce. Yum! I also snacked on some crackers at work as well.


Lunch was an amazing new sandwich recipe! I made a Curry Carrot Slaw and created a sandwich that was to die for. Recipe coming soon!


That afternoon I had an apple as well.


We had a strong thunderstorm on Monday and almost lost power. We had actually ordered pizza before the storm hit and were glad it made it before the weather got real bad. This was a black olive, onion and pineapple combo, different but good!


Along with my pizza I had some of this ginger ale. I love ginger and this was pretty good. It had a strong ginger spice to it!


And dessert on Monday along with the season finale of Orange is the New Black was some dark chocolate and a graham cracker.


I haven’t had graham crackers in so long! It was quite tasty.

Make sure to stop on by Jenn’s page to see the rest of the link-up!




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