What I Ate Wednesday #74

It’s that time again! One of my favorite times of the week, when I get to post about a day of my eats and get to check out all the other food bloggers’ tasty recipes as well. This time is a look into what I had this past Monday. What I started off with Monday morning was two pieces of Great Harvest’s Oregon Herb bread, toasted, and spread with peanut butter. Ripe banana on the side. I cannot get over how amazing this bread is, and how hearty and filling it was! Usually I’m snacking at work at about 10:00, but I didn’t even break into my packed snack until about 11:30.


When I was hungry I pulled out my plain greek yogurt topped with chia seeds and fresh raspberries. The raspberries were amazing! Such a tasty snack.


For lunch I had a Tangy Mustard Bean and Pepper salad (on top of a bed of kale). I’ll post the recipe soon! It is essentially just beans, bell peppers and cucumbers, dressed in a mustard sauce. So fresh and perfect for a hot summer day!


I also had some cantaloupe. It was so ripe and sweet when I cut it open that I froze some of it right away. I’m going to try using it in smoothies!


Later that afternoon I also munched on some crackers at work.


It was such a gorgeous day that I had to get out and go for  a nice, long walk once I was home. But before I headed out I had a few slices of cucumber and jicama with hummus.


I cannot tell you how much I’ve loved being back in Wisconsin and being surrounded by such beautiful and peaceful scenery! I love nature! And I love walks.


After getting back from my stroll I had a bit of my Mom’s berry water kefir.


Dinner was homemade pizzas per request of my Brother on his last night home. He made this delicious veggie pizza, yum! Along with this I also had a small arugula side salad with balsamic, and some of my Mom’s homemade ranch dressing.


A handful of cherries were consumed as well!


And while watching an episode of The Office with my fam I had a piece of dark chocolate. Heaven!


Hope you all have a wonderful day and make sure to stop on by Jenn’s page to see where this WIAW party gets started!






8 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #74

  1. ChickGettinFit says:

    All your eats look so good! That view on your walk is sooo pretty. It makes me wish it could be summer all year long.

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