The past few weeks have been pretty great here in Wisconsin. Hope your summer has been swell as well! I’ve started getting into the swing of things with my new job, I’ve spent a lot of time with family and friends, and I’ve been enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible! IMG_2497 Since moving into my new place I’ve loved going for walks around the neighborhood most evenings after work. The scenery is beautiful, and it’s such a relaxing way to wind down my day. IMG_2690One day last week I even saw this hot air balloon on my way home from work. It was so cool to see something like that up close! IMG_2434 Lately on the food front I’ve been making smoothies like there’s no tomorrow; and I’ve had fun mixing it up each time. This was a banana peanut butter oat smoothie with avocado. Yum!


I also had a delicious tempeh sandwich with avocado and stone ground mustard the other day. With some fabulously sweet cantaloupe. IMG_2621 I was up in Northern Wisconsin recently for a long weekend and was able to see many of my extended family members who I don’t see that often. It was a wonderful, outdoorsy weekend filled with catching up, lots of family, food and fun. We stayed in a lodge on a small lake for most of the weekend, such a great place! IMG_2602 We went hiking and for a swim at a nearby park. IMG_2630This was the view as we watched the sun set  on a pontoon ride. I absolutely love lake living. Everything is so peaceful, quiet and breathtaking. As I continue to get settled from my big move back to the Midwest, I look forward to doing my best to live as balanced, positive, happy and healthy of a life as possible. And thankfully I think that for me Wisconsin is just the place to do that!

From Wisconsin with love,



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