What I Ate Wednesday #76

Morning all. And happy Wednesday to you! I’m waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day, and I hope you are too. Last night I got a chakra massage for the first time, and afterwards I could immediately feel the difference in my body. All the tension that I carry in my upper back and shoulders was worked away! If you’re able to treat yourself to a massage every once in awhile I highly recommend it. It’s such a rejuvenating experience and so worth it to take time for yourself to relax and to rid your body of its stress. Anyway…I’m feeling good this morning and I hope you are too. And without further ado, here is my day of eats!


Monday morning I started off with another smoothie. Surprise, surprise. This combo was a delicious pumpkin chai smoothie made with a frozen banana, 1/2 cup of coconut milk, 1/4 cup of pumpkin, 1/4 cup of chai tea concentrate, 3/8 cup of oats, 1 tbsp of chia seeds and 2 tbsp of peanut butter.


At work mid-morning I had a snack of organic cottage cheese and granola. Pretty good combo!


And also another piece of Dakota bread from Great Harvest. I’ve been savoring this loaf for about 2 weeks now!


Lunch was a curried chickpea salad on top of some kale with balsamic. Recipe to come!


And grapes! Love grapes!


I have some zals in my desk at work and ended up munching on some of those throughout the afternoon.


About half of this honey oat bar was consumed as well.


Dinner was this lovely plate of goodness. Half a huge sweet potato with BBQ sauce and mustard, some carrots, snap peas, hummus and pineapple.

I ended my night with a little mint chocolate chip gelato and an episode of Gilmore Girls. Forgot to snap a picture of the gelato, but it was just as amazing as it sounds!

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