What I Ate Wednesday #79

Morning all, and happy Wednesday! I hope this post finds you well and that you are having a wonderful week! Today I’m sharing my eats from last Saturday, another tasty day of eats. Make sure to stop on over to Jenn’s site, the lovely blogger who hosts this What I Ate Wednesday get together each week!


On Saturday morning I went out for breakfast with my mom, grandma, sister and two of my cousins, and had this amazing pineapple stuffed with greek yogurt, fresh fruit, granola and honey. I was literally served an entire half of a pineapple, which was filled with amazing goodies. I ate about half of it and saved the rest for the next day.


Midmorning as I ran some errands with my sister I finished up a piece of banana flax bread that I bought from Outpost the other day. Quite the tasty banana bread! Reminds me I need to make my own loaf again soon.


Lunch was a mix of all things veggie: carrots, snap peas and a chilled veggie salad of sorts that had onions, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and more. Also had some hummus and grapes on the side. I have been loving all the crunchy red grapes I’ve gotten lately. So good!


That afternoon I had a slice of Great Harvest’s High Five Fiber bread. It’s pretty amazing and I just ate the piece of the bread plain.


I also snacked on an oatmeal bar that I made the other day. I’m still working on the recipe so hopefully I’ll have something to share soon!


Dinner was leftover arugula and artichoke pizza. Eaten cold. I love cold pizza.


And a clementine. This one was perfect, and the next one I peeled was awful. You never know how they will turn out!


Later that night I went to one of my best friend’s birthday party. The theme was the 90’s, and it was awesome. She even made Dunkaroo dip! Do you remember Dunkaroos!?


And check out the 90’s museum. So fun!


I also had a vanilla cupcake that another one of my best friends brought along to share. Yum yum.






4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #79

    • dindu1989 says:

      It was pretty amazing! I wasn’t sure at first what a 90’s party would be like, but she did such an awesome job with decorations and food that it totally brought me back :) I’m so glad I’m not the only one who used to love dunkaroos! They were so good.

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