What I Ate Wednesday #80!

It’s Wednesday! And time for the 80th installment of What I Ate Wednesday! Last weekend I went up to Green Bay again and had a great time with family. I also had some tasty food!


Sunday morning I had a delicious breakfast of a combination of grape nuts cereal and Ezekiel brand cinnamon raisin cereal. I topped it with a sliced banana, creamy peanut butter and coconut milk.



Mid morning I had two power balls that my Step Mom  made, they were delicious! They were chocolate peanut butter flavored. I liked them so much I tried making a batch last night with a few new twists. I’ll share the recipe soon!


Just a cute picture of our dog sprawled out across my lap.


Lunch was a fresh, chilled quinoa salad on top of a bed of arugula and a piece of bread with hummus. So lovely.


Even though it’s August, it was about 61 degrees on Sunday afternoon. Nothing like hot chocolate in the middle of August.


Dinner once I was home that night was a sampler platter plate of glory. Two farmer’s market carrots, an arugula salad with tomato and balsamic and olive oil. Some unfortunately tasteless mango…and a whole wheat tortilla with spicy hummus! For dessert that night I had a dish of plain greek yogurt, coconut, chex mix and dark chocolate. Forgot to snap a pic. And that was my Sunday!

Make sure to go check out Jenn’s page, the lovely host of this WIAW get together!




5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #80!

  1. katalysthealth says:

    Ya its still about 80 degrees out here in Cali. I’m so ready for a drop in temp, especially when I have to go workout in my 90 degree garage!! Although somehow, even when its 80 degrees, I’m still enjoying my coffee hot!

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