What I Ate Wednesday #83!

Good morning! Happy Wednesday! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week so far and have a fabulous Wednesday. For now, I hope you enjoy my featured eats from last weekend.


My morning started off with a delicious bowl of cracked wheat. I cooked it in the microwave with half a ripe banana and some cinnamon, then after it was finished cooking I topped it with the other half of the banana, some chia seeds and natural creamy peanut butter. It was wonderful!


Check out that melty peanut butter!


On the way to the apple orchard Saturday morning I had a pumpkin spice latte with coconut milk. It was delicious! Not only is it much cheaper, but it also has a better looking ingredient list than those from Starbucks!


We picked up some organic Sansa apples from the orchard. I’ve never had Sansa apples before but they are perfectly crisp and sweet.


I went grocery shopping with my Mom at Whole Foods around lunchtime, so we decided to eat at the hot bar while we were there. I had a tasty mix of greens, some cold salads, falafel and mac ‘n cheese. I also sampled a bit of Whole Foods’ Alternative Fuel green juice…and it was pretty bad. I am not a picky eater but the juice was bitter and left a bad taste in my mouth. Not the refreshing sample I was hoping for!


Upon returning home I fixed that bad taste problem right away with the leftover few bites of my Outpost brownie.


While finishing up a report that afternoon I snacked on a tortilla and baba ganoush.


Then dinner was leftover burrito mix: squash, beans, kale, corn, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, etc.


And a nice side salad.


Dessert was a spoonful of my Mom’s homemade pumpkin ice cream.


And a small bowl of chocolate avocado pudding. Recipe to come! It was a sweet and satisfying way to end the night.

Make sure to stop on by Jenn’s page to see where this WIAW party gets started!




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