What I Ate Wednesday #84!

What I Ate Wednesday! Here are the eats!


A lemon poppyseed and bran muffin from a local bakery. I’ve been craving a lemon poppyseed muffin for awhile and this was perfect!


Had a banana alongside the muffins.


A piece of peanut butter and bread was my mid-morning snack.


Then I had a delicious chilled veggie and quinoa salad and a slice of Great Harvest’s Spicy Spinach Feta bread. Wow. So good!


I also had a bite of these oatmeal muffins my stepmom made, they were perfectly moist and had a hint of coconut. Yum!


That afternoon a Culver’s pumpkin spice shake was calling my name. I hadn’t had one of these for over two years! There weren’t any Culver’s out East, so I never had this delicious fall treat when I was in NYC for grad school.  I had half of this shake and saved the rest for the next day. They were just as good as I remember, but pretty rich!


Dinner was a vegetable lasagna, slice of french bread and some salad. Only I forgot to take a picture of the lasagna and bread so here’s a nice pic of the salad!


And dessert was a slice of apple pie. A great day of eats that’s for sure!

Make sure to stop on over to Jenn’s page to join in on all the WIAW fun!






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