What I Ate Wednesday #89!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’ve had a wonderful beginning of your week and are enjoying the beautiful season of fall! I know I sure am. This post I am sharing my eats from last weekend, it was a perfectly cool, crisp, and sunny fall weekend!


I started out with a breakfast of a piece of peanut butter toast and a banana. Photographed outside in the beautiful leaves.


I was still a little hungry and had a handful of cinnamon chex as well.


That morning my fam and I went to one of the last farmer’s markets of the season. One thing I miss about being out East is that the milder temperatures there allowed for an extended farmer’s market season. When I was in NYC for grad school I was still going to farmer’s markets in December! This weekend there was a bounty of squash!


I also bought some Gingergolds (ate one that afternoon), and they taste just like apple cider! Delicious.


Also got a car wash that morning with my sister. Good times.


Midmorning I took some photos for my Maple Black Bean Brownie recipe, and ate one as well!


Later I ate a pear.


Had some delicious vegetarian chili made by my stepmom for lunch, and also another slice of bread.


I love fall!



All the colors. So beautiful.


I think our dog Lincoln loves it too!


That afternoon I had half of this Larabar, I really liked this flavor. Very strong coconut flavor. Yum yum.


My dad, stepmom, sister and I went and did a little shopping at a bulk food store where I got some oats and popcorn. And sampled a dark chocolate covered pretzel.


Then we all went out to an Indian restaurant for dinner. My sister and I split this mango lassi.


We had some ginger naan. Ginger naan!


And some whole wheat naan.


My entree was hands down the best Indian food I’ve ever had. It was a coconut curry with veggies and that’s about all I can remember…but it was pure bliss!


Later that night we watched a movie and I snacked on some popcorn made in coconut oil and a sliver of apple pie. Mmmhmm.

Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting!




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