What I Ate Wednesday #91

Morning all! Happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by for another round of What I Ate Wednesday. This week features eats from last Saturday, a fun day spent with my sister!


I started off the day with some cereal (organic TJ’s cornflakes), Bob’s Red Mill muesli, banana and peanut butter. I didn’t eat something super heavy since I was headed to a spin class at the Y. It was a great workout!


Once I got home I had a piece of peanut butter toast.


Lunch was a delicious fall sampler platter. Sweet potato with stone ground mustard, acorn squash, arugula salad with beans and avocado, a few snap peas and hummus, and a couple of strips of naan. It was a wonderful, and filling meal!


That afternoon I snacked on an almond meal cookie from Outpost. I’ll have to try making a version of these myself!


Dinner was a curry chickpea salad over arugula. A super simple and flavorful recipe that I hope to share soon. Although I had the apple ready to go I didn’t end up eating it. My sister and I were off to a movie and  I didn’t have time!


But I did throw a Reese’s PB Cup in my purse for the movie before we went!


The movie we saw was awesome. A sci-fi classic I hadn’t seen in years. E.T.!!! At the public museum in town they were playing E.T. in the Imaxx theater, it was so much fun! Here I am in front of the awesome backdrops they had at the museum.


A sister selfie attempt.


Do you know how old E.T. is??


When we got back that evening we ran into my neighbors, who generously offered us some of the deep dish pizza they made that night. It smelled heavenly and I had to try a piece right away. It was great!


Also snacked on one of my sister’s crackers before bed. It was a lovely night!

Hope you have a wonderful day and don’t forget to stop on by Jenn’s blog!




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