Lunchbox Series Part 1: Roasted Butternut Chickpea Salad with Tahini and Balsamic

When a co-worker of mine recently asked whether the recipe for the salad I was eating for lunch was up on my blog, an idea came to mind for an opportunity to start a new mini-series here on the blog. The salad she inquired about wasn’t posted, and it made me realize that although I pack some sort of salad for lunch a majority of the time, I rarely post the recipes here on the blog. I thought starting something called the Lunchbox Series would be a great platform to share all the different types of quick and easy meals I throw together to bring to work. They may not be fancy, but I ensure you they are as delicious as they are healthy.

IMG_4198With this series I could also finally share some of the fabulous salad combinations I’ve had recently. Often people hear the word salad and think ‘boring,’ but I’d like to share a variety of amazing salad combinations that are not only full of flavors and textures, but are satiating and healthy to boot.

IMG_4197So without further ado, I present lunch number one! A Roasted  Butternut Chickpea Salad with Tahini and Balsamic.

IMG_4196Super simple. Super lovely. You don’t need to add much to this salad because all of nature’s goodness does the work for you!

Roasted Butternut Chickpea Salad with Tahini and Balsamic

Serves 1

Arugula (I used a couple of large handfuls)

~ 1 cup of diced, roasted butternut squash

1/2 cup of chickpeas

1-2 tbsp tahini

1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Assemble this salad by laying a foundation of arugula and topping it with the butternut squash and chickpeas. Drizzle with tahini  and balsamic, and enjoy! I preferred this salad warm, but you could eat it chilled as well.



6 thoughts on “Lunchbox Series Part 1: Roasted Butternut Chickpea Salad with Tahini and Balsamic

  1. Robert Allen says:

    Just wanted to say very cool, don’t forget in your job interviewing etc. that you have “marketing skills” as well! Clever “Lunchbox Series” and always wonderful photo’s and your joyous writing! Love you. Dadster

  2. Kiara says:

    Sidney!! I’ve been reading your blog for almost two years and I found you from your What I Ate Wednesday posts. Help me if you can – you DO make the most bomb lunches. One time you made some kind of chickpea salad with mustard. It might have had BBQ sauce. Or was it some other bean? Either way.. I believe you mixed BBQ sauce and mustard and I was intrigued. Can you point me to that recipe? If not, what else can I do with beans and arugula? You always have the coolest combinations. I have a pretty solid arsenal of condiments.

    • dindu1989 says:

      Hi Kiara, thank you so much for sticking with me through the years and reading my posts! I’m glad you find them helpful and hope they give you some new ideas of recipes to try. Were you maybe thinking of this recipe for my Tangy Mustard Cucumber Cannellini Salad? See link: Regardless, mustard and BBQ sauce is a lovely combo! Beans and arugula would also make a tasty warm salad. If you sauté the arugula and beans in some olive oil and garlic, whisk together some mustard and BBQ sauce and then drizzle over the mixture it would be a yummy dish. Hope this helps! Let me know if you’ve got any other questions :)

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