What I Ate Wednesday # 94

Happy Wednesday all! Hope for many of you this is your ‘friday’ of the week as tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I’m stopping in to share some recent eats as it is Wednesday, after all, but my eats may seem a little lighter than normal since I haven’t felt too well the past few days and couldn’t stomach much. Here’s a look into WIAW: bland and digestible edition!


Breakfast was a jar of overnight oats, I hadn’t had overnight oats in ages and thought it would be a soothing option for an upset stomach. In this combo was 1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, 3 tbsp plain greek yogurt, a chopped up banana and unsweetened coconut milk. I did add a little pb to the oats in the morning.


All throughout the day I snacked on Ritz crackers. I haven’t bought Ritz for years but was totally craving them to help settle my stomach.


Lunch was a bit of arugula topped with a chickpea salad. The most veggies I ate all day!


I also snacked on a pear, which actually tasted quite good.


And later in the afternoon snacked on dry cornflakes cereal.


Dinner was a bit of unpictured lentil soup and some plain naan bread. Notice the plain pattern here? What do you guys eat to help settle an upset stomach? If you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you have a wonderful holiday and eat some delicious food!

Please make sure to stop on by Jenn’s blog, who hosts this lovely get together week after week!




4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday # 94

  1. ChickGettinFit says:

    Whenever I dont feel food plain food is always my best bet. I usually end up eating alot of bread and bread-like things that help soak up excess stomach acid. Hope you feel better soon! Happy turkey day!

    • dindu1989 says:

      Same! All I feel like I could stomach the past few days were processed grains…lots of plain breads and crackers and cereals. Thank you so much for the well wishes!! And happy turkey day to you too :)

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