Cheese and Jam Sam: Cranberry Smoked Cheddar Melt

Yes! It’s the Cheese and Jam Sam!


Four ingredients create the most wonderful, savory and subtly sweet sandwich! The crunchy toasted bread paired with the silky smooth melted cheese adds to the blissfulness of this sandwich as well.


For an easy Monday meal (you could eat this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner), simply grab the few ingredients and combine! Bread. Kale. Smoked Cheddar. Jam. Enjoy!

Cheese and Jam Sam*

Serves 1

Two slices of whole grain bread, toasted

A handful of chopped kale

1-2 tbsp of jam ( I used a cranberry raspberry jam)

Smoked Wisconsin Cheddar

Toast the bread in a toaster oven if you have one with the cheese placed atop the bread so it melts as the bread toasts. Spread the jam on the slice of bread without the cheese, add kale and you’ve got yourself a sandwich.

* I’m referring to this as a “Sam” and not a “Sand” because 1. sam rhymes with jam, and 2. because people always say “samwich” anyway.


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