What I Ate Wednesday #99

Sunday morning I woke up to this!


A beautiful blanket of snow! Although it was only about 20 degrees outside I couldn’t help but want to go for a walk. The snow was still falling as I ventured outside, and it was very peaceful. Not many other people were out for a walk in that weather, so I enjoyed having the streets to myself. Walking is most certainly one of my favorite forms of exercise. It’s also one of the main things I miss about being out East, where I didn’t have a car and walked a couple of miles a day just to get to and from school and work via public transit. Below is my favorite worn down old sign that is still gracing the PATH trains. The “PATH” to Courtesy ad. Wonderful.


Unfortunately, here in Wisconsin the long, dark days of winter are still going strong (and will be for another few months). I’m sure for many of you, just like me, it’s dark when you get up and go to work and dark when you leave to go home. So as I was on my stroll I decided that for the rest of this winter I will go for a walk every Saturday and Sunday (as long as it is at least 20 degrees!) This way, on the days I do see sunlight I will be getting out and about. I’ve also decided to sign up for a gym membership so I can workout and take fitness classes during the week. I think that getting in a regular exercise routine will help make the long, cold Wisconsin winters more bearable!


But back to the food. For breakfast Sunday I had a tasty cereal bowl with a mix of rice Chex, Ezikiel cinnamon raison granola, a sliced banana and peanut butter with coconut milk.


Midmorning I cozied up with some tea and looked through my old photo albums that I just found at my Mom’s house. Such fun to be reminded of all those good memories!


Lunch was a plate full of kale sautéed in coconut oil and garlic, topped with some herbed quinoa, sweet potato and acorn squash.  And a tangerine. De-lish!


Dinner was a more exciting version of mac n’ cheese! I had some boxed organic mac n’ cheese, but instead of making it with butter and milk I made it with coconut oil and coconut milk. I must be on a coconut kick. Along with the mac I sautéed kale with, you guessed it, coconut oil and garlic again. Such a unique, yet heavenly combination of flavors! I also mixed in some smokey BBQ sauce and it. was. amazing!


Dessert part one was three Peppermint Bark Dove chocolates leftover from the holidays.


And dessert part two was two cupfuls of cinnamon cereal with a dollop of vanilla cinnamon sunflower butter and coconut milk. A wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday!

Stop on over by Jenn’s page to see where the festivities get started!




4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #99

    • dindu1989 says:

      I had never had that combo before and now I can’t wait to make it again! And I’m totally with you, barbecue sauce is good on pretty much everything :) Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Kay Bueno says:

    I love the kale in the mac and cheese. Your food looks so delicious.

    I’m so jealous of your leftover peppermint bark, I am the biggest fan of all things peppermint. :)

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