Maple Date Chia Charger Bites

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead. I’ve got a busy week filled with a dinner with friends, a basketball game at my alma mater, and a Parenthood series finale party! I’ll be so sad to see this show come to an end. Anyone else watch Parenthood!? For the Parenthood viewing party I’m planning on bringing¬†along some of these Maple Date Chia Charger Bites I made this weekend!


These are so simple to make and are a delicious snack. Think Larabars in a cute little poppable bite form!


Only 8 ingredients and one bowl are needed to make these. Actually, you don’t even need the bowl if you have a food processor large enough to put everything in at once! I got an 8 cup food processor for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I cannot wait to use it for making more of these bites, hummus, cashew ‘cheese’ sauces and more!


Maple Date Chia Charger Bites

Makes ~14 bites

1 cup of old fashioned oats

1/2 cup of dates, chopped

1/8 cup chia seeds

1/8 cup of ground flax seed

1/4 cup of almond butter

1/4 cup of unsweetened coconut milk

1/8 cup of maple syrup

1/8 cup of cocao nibs

To make these bites simply add all ingredients to a food processor and pulse until blended and clumping together. Add a little more coconut milk if needed to get the mixture to blend.

The mix will be quick sticky, but that’s great for forming the bites into little balls. Once mixture is blended, roll into ~14 bites, and place in fridge to store.

Note: Since they are a little on the sticky side, you could roll the formed balls in a little ground flax seed for a less sticky coating!


5 thoughts on “Maple Date Chia Charger Bites

    • dindu1989 says:

      Yay! I’m always glad when I help give a little inspiration for spicing things up :) It’s easy to get stuck in the same routine when cooking and baking, that’s why I love reading tons of food blogs for new ideas! I hope you enjoy the maple inspired version just as much as I did!

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