What I Ate Wednesday #106: Travel Edition

Hello from Florida! Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far and that you have a fun weekend planned ahead. Today I am sharing my eats from yesterday, an all day travel day! I think I ate pretty well for being in and out of airports, and it helped that I had prepped some snacks ahead of time to bring along!


My day started at about 4:00am to give myself enough time to shower and finish getting ready for my flight. About 4:45 I had a banana for a little fuel.


Also had a few last sips of a peach blush kombucha from the night before.


At the airport I bought a cranberry pumpkin muffin from Colectivo for breakfast. It was quite delicious!


Here we are ready for our flight!


We saw the most gorgeous sunrise out the window while waiting in the airport. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but the whole sky was lit up pink!


Mid-plane ride #1 I had a homemade chocolate banana bread bar and some water. The perfect snack!


In between our next flight we had time to grab lunch and I tried a sofritas bowl from Chipotle. It was very good, super flavorful, and huge. I didn’t finish all of it but ate most of it!


My last bite of lunch however happened to be an overpowering red onion…I knew that taste would not go away anytime in the near future so I bought a pack of gum. I haven’t bought gum in years, but this did the trick!


On the second flight I had some orange juice, which hit the spot. I was so thirsty!


Along with that I also had a homemade granola bar. Yum! They were Nutty, Oaty, Cinnamon Pecan Cranberry Bars!


About 5:00pm we finally arrived in Florida! It was sunny and warm and we sat outside while waiting for the shuttle :)


My sister and I are staying with our Grandma for the trip, and she had some Bourbon Sweet Potato soup and salad ready for us when we got home. It was delicious!


For dessert my Grandma made a gluten free berry crumble which was also delicious. The subtle ginger flavor was scrumptious!

Then we all watched the finale of Master Chef Junior and headed to bed.




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