What I Ate Wednesday #115

Morning! Happy last WIAW of April! I am so excited that May is only a few days away, because you know what that means…summer is just around the corner! I’ve been drinking so many smoothies for breakfast lately that I feel like it’s already summer. Now I just can’t wait for the warmer temps to arrive!


Breakfast on Tuesday morning was this delicious smoothie. It was a Cherry Almond Chia Smoothie, a new combination I really enjoyed. I work really early on Tuesday mornings so smoothies are usually a quick and easy option for me to prep and take to work with me to eat during my meetings. Most people have coffee in their hands and I’m always sipping a smoothie!


Midmorning I ate a plain rice cake. I’ve been having some stomach issues lately and I’ve found eating plain rice cakes help to calm my stomach a bit.


I also snacked on some pecans and raisins.


While on a conference call at work I ate cucumbers and hummus as part of lunch.


Then after the call was finished I ate this deconstructed “cheesy” quinoa broccoli burrito. I tore up a tortilla and put it on the bottom of my bowl, added kale, and then added the burrito filling on top. This dish is actually vegan, and uses nutritional yeast to get a cheesy flavor!


After getting home from work I sat outside for a minute enjoying some carrot orange juice and cereal. I didn’t even finish eating my snack outside though because I got too cold!




For dinner I had homemade hummus that I just whipped up, along with some peashoots, avocado and balsamic, and some pineapple.


Then after doing some cleaning around my apartment and finishing up some paperwork I watched an episode of Hart of Dixie before bed. I enjoyed some dark chocolate chips as I watched! And also a plain rice cake with honey!

Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting this gathering!




8 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #115

    • dindu1989 says:

      The burrito recipe was from Angela Liddon’s cookbook, the author of the blog Oh She Glows. I love her recipes and this one with the nutritional yeast is quite yummy!

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