What I Ate Wednesday #116

I’m back! And just in time for another What I Ate Wednesday! Last week and this week as well have been insanely busy, but luckily I have a little time now to pop in and share my eats with you all!


This was last week’s breakfast one day: A banana smoothie made with almond butter, cinnamon, chia, coconut oil, ice cubes, and water. And a rice cake with some peanut butter!


At work I snacked on these super seedy, gluten, dairy and soy-free crackers that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately these cost about $6.00 a box so I don’t think I’ll be buying those again anytime soon.


I also snacked on some chopped pecans throughout the morning.


And for lunch I had a quinoa kale salad with curried zucchini and a corn tortilla.


I was halfway through my veggies when I remembered to take a picture. I’ve been loving raw bell pepper slices lately!


Afternoon snack at home after work was a couple of spoonfuls of this nut butter. Mmmmm.


And dinner was a lovely concoction of sautéed collard greens, broccoli, and brown rice topped with a little tahini, mustard and red pepper flakes.


Ended the night with some dark chocolate chips and that was my day!

Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting this gathering!




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