What I Ate Wednesday #119!

Morning all, and happy Wednesday! Hope summer and warm weather is in full swing wherever you are, it’s almost getting here in Wisconsin! Of course since it’s Wednesday I’ll be sharing a day of my eats and joining in on Jenn’s lovely WIAW party. These are my meals from last Saturday, a day filled with friends, family and good food!


Breakfast that morning was two vegan and gluten free banana muffins. There is no added sugar in the version I made and I can’t believe how nicely they turned out! Using overly ripe bananas gives it all the sweetness you need. After the picture I drizzled a little peanut butter on top. Great decision.


Lunch was a spinach salad with sweet potato, sun dried tomatoes, fresh lemon juice and tahini, with a side of watermelon and strawberries. This was my first watermelon of the season and it was sooooooo good!


I also had some tortilla chips as well.


After lunch I drove to my best friend’s new condo to help do some painting! I had some sparkling water to quench my thirst.


And ate a couple of these chocolate grahams for a snack!


On my drive home that evening I had some dried apricots. Haven’t had these in awhile and they were quite wonderful.


Dinner was a salad topped with a frozen veggie burger, some brussels sprouts and blackberries.


To end the night, once my sister had joined me for a sleepover, I had a half of an Outpost Chocolate Indulgence Brownie. Boy was it good! We had our snacks while watching the show Chasing Life. Have you seen it? I’m hooked!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!




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