What I Ate Wednesday #120

Hello again! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here, but what can I say? Sometimes life just happens! I’ve missed sharing recipes and featured daily eats though, so to start I thought I’d hop back on the WIAW train!


Last weekend on an absolutely perfect summer day I decided to snap pictures of all my eats. Breakfast started with a bowl of puffed brown rice cereal, muesli, a banana, coconut milk, that was drizzled with peanut butter. I didn’t have any chocolate chips on my cereal though, this was a picture of a dessert I had earlier that weekend!


After running some errands that morning, I decided to pack up a lunch and head to the lakefront for a picnic! I love being so close to the lake that I can hop in my car and be outside in such glorious, relaxing scenery in about 15 minutes! For my lunch I packed a classic PB sandwich, some veggie tortilla chips, carrots, and a kombucha.


Although it was overcast at first, the sun came out just as I pulled out my lusciously sweet watermelon.  It got real quick after that!


I had only about 1/3 of my kombucha with lunch, along with some water, so after spending a couple of hours outside reading I was ready for a cold drink. I walked to a coffeehouse near the lake and got an iced chai. It was surprisingly disappointing. Oh well.


That afternoon I wrapped up at the beach and made it back home in time to miss a huge thunderstorm. I stayed in my apartment for a bit but soon enough the skies cleared up and I headed outside again! This time I packed a dinner picnic to bring to a nearby park. I had a delicious salad made from mustard greens and swiss chard that was topped with quinoa, black beans, sun dried tomatoes, sesame seeds, BBQ sauce and tahini. Yum!


I also had some rice crackers and beet hummus. This was my first time trying the TJ’s beet hummus and I really liked it. I’ll have to try and make a homemade version soon!


A few grapes rounded out my meal. So glad to have grapes for the first time this summer! These were perfectly crisp and refreshing.

Before bed I had a handful of dark chocolate chips and watched a few episodes of Friends. I never watched the show when it was on TV, but have loved it on Netflix!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and thanks as always to the lovely Jenn for hosting!





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